Points of Interest

Located in the main square of the village, the St. Peter Church host a sixteenth-century altarpiece named Altarpiece of Tuili or Altarpiece of Saint Peter and made by the Master of Castelsardo. This work is considered one of the the finest examples of Renaissance art in Sardinia. The Pitzalis’ Villa, also located in the main square, was designed by Gaetano Cima, among the most important architect of Cagliari , active in Sardinia since the first half of 800, who also designed the villa Asquer in Tuili (home of Oil museum and Sardinian Musical Instruments museum). Tuili is located at the slopes of the Giara’s upland. Called Sa jara manna in the Sardinian language it extends for 45 km ¬≤. The plateau was formed some 2.7 million years ago when lava from the cones of Zepparedda (609 m) and Zeppara Manna (580 m) covered older sedimentary rock. The Giara di Gesturi is home to the majority of the surviving population of the Giara Horse. Along the perimeter of the plateau are the remains of 23 Nuraghi; the Nuraghic complex of Su Nuraxi di Barumini, that was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, is a few kilometres to the south .

Says about Us

You arrive to Tuili […] in the heart of the village, behind a stone wall, lies a little gem, La Maison d’Hotes, Il Borgo dell’Arcangelo, four bedrooms realized in 2004 by the eighteenth-century outbuildings of a house manor court. Where there were horses and oxen now there are country-style furniture-monastic, iron or wooden headboards inlaid with nacre and a large fireplace. A place simply-chic with an amazing value for money.

From the guidebook DOVE by Corriere della Sera